I AM LONO – “In A World Dusted With Sit-Down Dinners” single released

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IN A WORLD DUSTED WITH SIT-DOWN DINNERS – a new single from I AM LONO, and one that marks a new live line-up for the band.

After producing the band’s recent recordings, multi-instrumentalist Chris Moore steps out from behind the scenes to join Matthew Stephen Cooper and David Startin on stage, to add further intensity to I AM LONO’s stage presence.

The single artwork features an image by well-known local artist Simon Parfrement (Sleaford Mods), a long-time fan and friend of the band.  The release is accompanied by a video, which shows off Simon Parfrement’s equal talent for the moving image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uppT3srmyig


Vocalist Matthew Stephen Cooper explains the track and new live set-up:

“Even though up until now we have only performed as a two piece, there has really always been three members of I AM LONO. Down in our studio, Chris Moore has been heavily involved in the writing, recording and production of our music.

“During the recording sessions for last year’s self-titled EP, as well as recording and producing, Chris played drums on a number of the tracks. We have since begun writing new material as a three-piece and this is the first song to come out of those sessions. As a band, we have always been interested in splicing electronic and organic elements together and are very excited to be combining the sounds of the drum-machine (which has always been so integral to what we do) with the human feel of live drums. We are forming a new dynamic for the band.

“The name of the song is taken from a quote I heard in a talk about the artist Eduardo Paolozzi, which I have since clumsily bastardised:

‘in a world dusted with strontium 90, the note of impotent fury can again be heard’

“The lyrics are another stream of consciousness; a daydream about humans existing a long time after a big catastrophe; most of the people that are left are out in the wastelands eating each other while the lucky few with any power and/or money are sitting safe in their luxury bunkers, with nothing left to do but eat the last of their all-day-breakfasts from the tin and wait for the end.”

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