I AM LONO – “Infra Red” single out now

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INFRA RED – the third single from the I AM LONO EP – is out now, and can be downloaded at louder.city or at https://iamlono.bandcamp.com/

The single artwork features an image by Haydn Webborn, taken from the same collection of vintage, industrial photographs on which the EP cover art is based.

The release is accompanied by a video produced and directed by talented local artist, Kate Webborn, and perfectly captures the brooding, atmospheric feel of the track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH4fytfGECY

Single 3 - Infra Red

I AM LONO’s Matthew Stephen Cooper:

Infra Red is the first track on the EP. We weren’t originally going to start the EP with it,   but realised what a good opener it was shortly after we’d come up with what we thought was the final order. The lyrics are dark. They actually arose pretty spontaneously, and the whole song kind of sprung up like a weird dream. Sometimes we write that way: the words get sung and they can sound intense and real, and then when you try to explain them to anyone they don’t make an exact sense.  Infra Red is one of those. It’s really a love song, sung by a man who is waiting for something to return that he knows will not. But the words don’t tell a precise story. Sometimes dreams are best left weird.”




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