I AM LONO – “Why Everything is Made of Fives” premiered by Artrocker Magazine

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Huge thanks to the Artrocker team for premiering the single and video for the I AM LONO track, WHY EVERYTHING IS MADE OF FIVES.

The track is the first single from the I AM LONO EP and can be downloaded at louder.city or at https://iamlono.bandcamp.com/

The single artwork features an image by Haydn Webborn, taken from the same collection of vintage, industrial photographs on which the EP cover art is based.

The release is accompanied by an amazing video produced and directed by local photographer and artist, Simon Parfrement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LjVtZxYuGs


Single 1 - Fives

I AM LONO’s Matthew Stephen Cooper:

Why Everything is Made Of Fives” was one of the first things we wrote together. It was before we really knew what the band was about and how it was going to be put together. We had an acoustic guitar and were looking for a female vocalist who could sing like Grace Slick! Strange times indeed. David [Startin; bass and guitars] was interested in John Carpenter soundtracks and I was still listening heavily to The Pixies. Somehow those ended up being a prototype manifesto for LONO: to try to make something that was atmospheric while, at the same time, immediate and direct.

The lyrics of the song come from a long night out in Nottingham. We kept finding ourselves in heated debates with strangers about the Illuminatus! Trilogy; conversations that were littered with talk of secret societies, ancient orders, and how maybe the Pope controls the world and is a lizard from the moon. People kept telling us about the “Law of Fives”: an all encompassing and usefully-vague law which states that “all things happen in fives; are divisible by, or are multiples of five; or are directly or indirectly appropriate to five”.  Apparently, “the law of fives is never wrong“.

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